About the project

CyberViolence – a project against violence in the network
The INT association together with three foreign partners implements the international CyberViolence project as part of the Erasmus + program.
Project description
The main problem that we will deal with during the project is the lack of knowledge and awareness about the problem of cyberbullying among young people, youth workers, teachers and parents. Among the youth, the problem is the lack of awareness of online threats, the lack of opportunities and the ability to respond to cyberbullying. Among the youth workers and teachers the problem is the lack of tools and methodologies for working with this topic, education and prevention. Among parents, there is no awareness of the problem and the ability to recognize the first signs of being a victim of cyberbullying.

Target groups:
• youth – the main group of our activities. Young people are the most vulnerable to being a victim of cyberbullying because they are vulnerable and inexperienced in social life,
• teachers, youth workers – their role is to educate and prevent this negative phenomenon. They need new tools to know how to do it,
• parents – when their child is a victim of cyberbullying they should be the first to recognize symptoms and often lack the basic knowledge in this topic.
The main objectives of the project:
1. Improving the quality and relevance of education, through the development of new and innovative approaches (new scenarios for youth workshops, thematic comics, competitions, testing of these products, implementation and promotion of dissemination of results),
2. Developing a program to prevent cyberbullying, developing and providing a handbook and other resources for teachers,
3. Increasing knowledge about online threats, the consequences of online activities and the mental and emotional aspects of cyberbullying,
4. Introduction, development and promotion of innovative methods and tools in education by supporting schools and teachers interested in joining our program,
5. Promoting cross-border cooperation in education and prevention, as all project participants can learn from each other.

The project will be implemented by 4 organizations from 4 countries and has a transnational character, because the Internet has no borders, cyberviolence is an international problem and has to be solved at the international level.
The leader of the project is the Association of Institute of New Technologies (Poland). Partners are:
• Crystal Clear Soft (Greece),
• DIRECT Association (Romania),
The CyberViolence project 2016-03-PL01-KA205-035361 is implemented as part of the Erasmus + program of the European Union (Action 2. Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnerships). The project implementation period is 24 months in April 2017 – March 2019.