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Game against Cyber Violence

Welcome to our game  against Cyber Violence. Check your possibility to be attacked and react. Download here – Game  

Program of FFCV

We encourage you to chech and use our Free From Cyber Violence Program, where you can find basic information about cyber violence phenomenon and aims, goals of the program, division of the program scenarios. FINAL Program Free From Cyber Violence FFCV


CyberViolence comic contains four stories about cyberbullying activities, let’s check it:) COMICs_EN

Brochure for Parents

The brochure is to encourage parents to take up conversation with children about cyberbullying. It is a consistent supplement material for teachers and their workshops with youth. It will includes basic information: What is cyber violence and what are its symptoms, how to help a child who experienced cyber violence, where to look for help,…
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Handbook and Scenarios to Work with Youth

Here we present the packet with handbook and scenarios for the Free From Cyber Violence Trainers to work with youth. The handbook is an essential resource for youth workers/ educators as FFCV trainers. It puts emphasis not only on IT, psychology, pedagogy or legal aspects, but also on working with youth and parents/ cares. It…
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Methodology Toolkit and Scenarios

Methodology Toolkit includes the basic information about problem of Cyber Violence in the field of law, psychology, pedagogy, IT, training techniques and tools necessary for its implementation, forms for participants. It covers the full methodology of Free From Cyber Violence, it describes the methods, participants, paths of development plans of diverse actions included in the Program.…
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