Handbook and Scenarios to Work with Youth

Handbook and Scenarios to Work with Youth

Here we present the packet with handbook and scenarios for the Free From Cyber Violence Trainers to work with youth. The handbook is an essential resource for youth workers/ educators as FFCV trainers. It puts emphasis not only on IT, psychology, pedagogy or legal aspects, but also on working with youth and parents/ cares. It shows how to implement the knowledge base from the Methodology Toolkit. Handbook information part is designed to introduce educators to cyber violence, to make them aware of the problem and create a basis for working with youth. Publication includes information about cyberbullying in a form of a manual, with exercises, text, examples, practical advice, etc. There is information on the characteristics of the phenomenon of cyberbullying (scale of the problem in the world, in partners countries and in Poland, the types of cyberbullying, responses, legal regulations applicable to the Polish and the partners countries) included, and examples of cyberbullying situations that may affect young people with the described appropriate method of response.

The set of workshop for young people scenarios that “trainers FFCV” can use contains: the aims, methods, forms, necessary materials and teaching aids, expected duration of the workshop and a maximum number of participants in each activity. Each scenario presents also a detailed description of the workshop followed with a comment.




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