Joint staff

Joint staff

During the period of 6-10 September 2017 in Bucharest, Romania, training workshops for employees of all Partners implementing the “CyberViolence” project (CV) co-financed by the European Commission and the Erasmus + program were held.


One of the activities in the implemented project are activities related to learning / teaching / training. As part of these activities, the so-called Joint Staff training event, or a short training program for employees. Representatives of all organizations implementing the project from Greece, Poland, Romania and Italy took part in it.

Joint Staff in Bucharest was to enable trainers to:

– implement an intervention program in their organizations to support youth leaders in the exchange of experience, observation, presentation of exemplary trainings,

– open cultural bridges by developing and strengthening intercultural understanding and multicultural competences as well as cooperation with trainers from other countries,

– prevent cyber violence, promote understanding of multiculturalism, social justice, acceptance of diversity and cooperation in non-governmental organizations at the EU level,

– create a network that will ensure effective / good practices in working with trainers from different cultures.


Joint training for employees who are trainers allowed people from the team of Partners who will train future youth trainers of the FFCV Program to discuss topics that are very important for trainers in the field of cybercrime prevention: network security, legal bases, law on Internet users, Internet users’ rights, “hateers” in the network and their language, how to deal with aggression, effective tools for communication with young people. It was an opportunity to meet directly, show developed models, discuss weaknesses and threats and find optimal solutions. The participants worked in a multinational group, observed diversity, different culture and tradition, and different priorities.


The trainers of the FFCV Program trainers observed classes conducted by other trainers, evaluated them and followed good practices and implemented new teaching methods and tools. During the workshop, they could test new solutions, methods and tools, practice, create new options and solve problems related to cyberbullying. They focused mainly on network security, the use of online tools and the elimination of violence among young people. The trainers learned how to work with IT tools, how to reduce aggression, how to work in the FFCV Program, how to implement the curriculum, implement tools and methods.

Thanks to these workshops, our trainers will be ready to prepare better materials, exercises, tools for preventing cyberbullying and security, in order to show them more knowledge during training. Each participant also received a certificate of participation in the training and EuroPass.


The “CyberViolence” project (issue 2016-3-PL01-KA205-035361) is implemented under the Erasmus + program by April 2017 by an international consortium of 4 countries: Greece – Crystal Clear Soft, Poland – Association of Institute of New Technologies, Romania – DIRECT Association, Italy – CSP – INNOVAZIONE NELLE ICT SCARL

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